Gerphos – Halogen-free Flame-Retardants

Meet demands on modern products
Our Gerphos product family is the result of a long-term monitoring of modern flame retardance as well as an ongoing development of our products. Customers in the past asked for fire-resistance without further specifications, today’s flame-retardant properties however need to comply with a lot more standards:

Durable flame-protection No toxic gases No migration High weather resistance Positive impact on mechanical properties of final product Low smoke density Electrical conductivity No fogging Halogen-free Hydrolysis resistance Heavy metal free Odorless No radioactive materials Cold-resistance Good processing

Tailor-made flame-retardant solutions for different fire standards
A further aspect for our product development is the wide range of fire tests. For example, flame exposure to surfaces results in a completely different flame spread and behavior than to edges of a specimen. Thus, our variety of Gerphos solutions offer customized flame-retardant solutions for different fire standards.

Suitable for diverse production processes and materials
Rapid technological development also is a big challenge. How can e.g. an ultra-thin PU- coating of 30 microns thickness be treated with flame-retardants during textile finishing? Even for such delicate processes, we supply flame-retardant solutions. Gerphos products having a fine particle size of 15 micrometers offer enormous opportunities. They show excellent flame retardance in many polymers, paints, coatings and resins, may it be PVC/PU leather, SBR calandered products or acrylic back coatings. A full product universe in a multidimensional matrix comprising different polymers, production processes and properties can be protected against flammability by our Gerphos solutions, containing

Soft PVC Rigid PVC TPU compounds PU foams Silicon compounds Epoxy resins Phenolic resins Polyolefins Polyester resins Rubbers Acrylates Hydraulic oils Intumescent products Elastomers Adhesives Backcoatings Textile finishes

Fire testing for efficient recipe development
Users often lack the special equipment needed for fire tests.
Due to our highly customer focused approach, we offer fire tests for a variety of fire standards. Our accredited partner laboratories execute fire test promptly, which enables a target-driven recipe development for your products.

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