Progress is our Mission

We truly believe that chemistry has to be progressive. This means it must be constantly improving, according to the public's increasing demand for comfort, functionality, quality, health, safety and environmental compatibility.

Based on this superior demand, our company's core values are as follows:

Added Value for Industry and Consumers
We provide specialty chemical solutions, meeting modern demands and thereby creating added value for our industrial customers as well as the consumer.

Extra Safety Provided
Our aim is maximum safety for humans and environment, always based on state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, Gulec exclusively offers specialty chemicals, which fulfill this universal demand for safety. We provide advanced alternatives for compounds, which are ecologically disputed and can be classified as harmful to health, e.g. halogenated flame - retardants or phthalates.

Profound Knowledge by Specialization
Due to many years of experience, consistent specialization based on intensive research, as well as a constant training of our staff, we have a profound knowledge of our products and their characteristics.

True Customer Orientation and Personal Support
Our aspiration is the strong focus on our customers' requirements and goals. Our processes are flexibly tailored to our aim to achieve optimum results for our customers. It goes without saying that our customers are supported exclusively by experienced Gulec staff.

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